Rewards for Writing!

These are some fun things that I've gotten
to reward myself for achieving writing milestones

Swingline 3-hole Punch

I got this as my reward for finishing my very first book, TRUCK STOP. It's the industrial strength version and punches up to 12 sheets at once, which covers about 1  chapter, even double-spaced!

Disco Party Ball

I got this cool party ball for having finished NaNoWriMo 2017... here's a picture of it doing its thing in my living room & kitchen. It has a mixture of colors to choose from and is lots of fun :)

Double Sequins Pillow

This was my reward for finishing A CAT FOR TROY, the third and last of my WISHES & DREAMS paranormal romance series. The sequins are purple on one side, gold on the other, so you can draw designs on the pillow by swiping the sequins either direction... FUN!!!!!

Echo 2nd Generation
Smart Speaker w/Alexa

This was a double-whammy reward for hitting two achievements at once... I finished NaNo 2017 *and* I finished A CAT FOR TROY during NaNo :)




You Too Can Have A SmartHome!

This is just TOO much fun. More than that... if you are disabled like me, this is a real boon
in terms of quality of life issues, such as not having to get up and down
to turn lights or fans on and off, or change the thermostat, etc.
But it doesn't hurt that it's a lot of fun and entertainment as well!

I love my Echo Dot 2nd Generation
with Alexa!

I use it in conjuction with the Samsung SmartHome Hub and Philips Hue to control all of my home's lighting, ceiling fans and central heating and a/c.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

This kit starts you out with the Philips Hue HUB and 2 light bulbs. Dead easy to use! Just connect the hub to your modem and download the app. Replace your old lightbulbs with the new ones; discover them in the app and rename them. Then open the Alexa app, discover them, and you're good to go! "Alexa! Turn on bedside lamp" and it's done.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

The Smart Things hub connects such things as the WiFi thermostat and wall switches, and connects them to Alexa. Once things are set up on the app, you can control them with Alexa.

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

Imagine this. You've set the alarm on Alexa, and it goes off in the morning. You tell Alexa to snooze, then say "Alexa! Set thermostat to 75." Then go back to sleep until the alarm goes off again, and your home is warming up!

Wall Switches

I swapped out the switches on my wall with these, to let Alexa control not only my chandeliers, but ceiling fans.

SmartThings Outlet

This is so that things other than standard lights can be controlled with Alexa; for instance, I plug my Christmas tree lights into this to turn it on and off with Alexa.

SmartThings Motion Sensor

Turn your lights on or off when it senses motion... handy in hallways!

Philips Hue Candelabra Bulbs

Put these in your overhead chandelier, name them in the Philips Hue app, then create a group for the candelabra so they will turn on/off with one command.


Romance Your Home!

Since I'm a romance writer, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone
that I'm totally all about having romantic stuff in the home! Here are
some of my favorite things

This is my bedroom.. yes, really! I figured a romance writer should have a romantic bedroom, so I went to work, collecting various items over the years. The bed frame was from

Sunburst Bed Frame

Gotta start with the bed frame!


Hanging Incense Burner


Sari Drapes

These go over the window... at night you see the pattern in them, but in the daytime the sun coming through makes the whole room have this lovely pink/purple glow like you see in the picture above!

Hanging Candle Lanterns
I got an assortment of lanterns, and put a simple white pillar candle in the bottom of each


Coat Rack

Gotta have a coat rack to hang all your gorgeous, filmy, sequined & embroidered scarves and shawls

Silk Pillowcase

Yes, really 100% silk!

Peacock Throw Pillow


for your incense burner

Gotta have! You light one edge and set it in the incense burner, and wait til the line of sparks has passed all the way through, then sprinkle incense... powdered, loose, chunk or resin, on top. You only need a tiny bit!


Dragons Blood Resin

One of my favorite scents!
White Copal Incense

I like this mixed with Dragons Blood.


Other Fun Stuff for the Home!

Because I love to have fun stuff in my home, and I like to SHARE!

Plastic Ice Cubes

I love these things!

Bathtub Caddy

For long, hot bubble baths! Personally I have a cup of hot tea instead of wine but whatevahs!

Spice Caddy - 30 bottles

I LOVE this because I can alphabetize all my spices!

Spice Caddy - 18 bottles

Because I'm kinda OCD, I got a separate smaller one, the top drawer has my Italian spices, and the middle drawer has my Curry spices. In the bottom drawer I put those little half-size McCormacks spice bottles, you can put 2 in each space.


Southwest Collection

Because... just too cute!!!!

Hand-Held Bidet

No, I'm not joking. You'll be glad you did! I discovered the bidet hose when I was working at a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When I came home, I went looking for it, and have one for each bathroom. They only take like 5 minutes max to's dead easy!

Kitchen Timer

Magnetic, very handy, easy to read! Make GREAT gifts, too!

2-Tier Bamboo Turn Table

This is REALLY nice, it's easy to dust/wash and doesn't get all horrible like those white plastic ones, plus it looks totally classy!

Microwave Plates

Perfect for making up meals and freezing them!

Peacock Ring/Jewelry Holder


Peacock Ring/Jewelry Holder

Pretty too!

Bath Pillow

Goes great with the Bathtub Caddy above! ;)


Because... Purple!

  my pride and joy...
Purple Toaster







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