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Honestly, this page is just for me, as I've filled it full of any images I felt were fun or motivational to help me keep on track with what I'm supposed to be doing (i.e., writing). It's also kinda messy. You may not find it all that interesting, but I just like to have it to look at sometimes :)

Four wealthy, powerful men, each torn between two cultures, two countries... two women.  Their father is Sheikh Rashid, head of an old bedouin tribe deep in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert.  Their mother is the lovely Elyse, an independent American artist.  They've been raised in both worlds, and now each must make his choice.
  • Khalid.  The Scholar.  The eldest, he acts as head of the family in his father's place.  Strong-willed and determined, when he sets a goal, he pursues it relentlessly.  (Swan Song)
  • Michael.  The Diplomat. (Michael's Quest)
  • Faisal.  The Warrior. (Fire Storm)
  • Bennett.  The Patriot.  A proud fighter pilot, fiercely loyal to the land of his birth, Bennett's heart belongs to the desert, to his bedouin roots.  But would he have to give up his birthright to win the woman he loves?  (Castles in the Sand)

Swan Song

Khalid, a visiting professor teaching Arabic literature at the University of California, sees Sarah belly dancing at an ethnic cafe downtown and instantly determines that she must belong to him.  Sarah has escaped the privileged world she was born into, bent on forging her own way in life. Although attracted to Khalid, she believes it is only the belly dancer that he desires rather than the shy social worker beneath the exotic costume.  Full of hurt, she shuts him out.  Khalid persists, however, determined to win her. In this he is aided by the charming matchmaking efforts of some of the Saudi students in his charge who befriend Sarah. Just as Khalid and Sarah finally overcome the barriers between them, however, a jealous woman threatens to destroy their newfound relationship, claiming Khalid as her own.

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Castles in the Sand

This is a spin-off of Dancer, taking place about six months after Khalid's marriage to Sarah.   Khalid's angry and bitter younger brother Bennett arrives from Riyadh to undergo rehab after almost loosing his life to a landmine a few months before.  A proud fighter pilot, Bennett will never fly again.  Bennett resists his therapist, the feisty, red-headed, Tanya, but she perseveres, absolutely determined to get Bennett out of his wheelchair and walking.  In the meantime, we have all heck breaking loose in the Al Mansour household:  Sarah is recovering from an assailant's attack (Behind the Clouds) and Khalid is sick with worry over her and the child she carries.  Sarah's best friend, the gentle and modest Fatima (Dancer), elopes with nightclub owner Andy, and Khalid and Bennett's brother-in-law, supposedly killed during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait eleven years before, shows up late one night, scarred and crippled, on Khalid's doorstep.  A part of Tanya's past also shows up one day on the doorstop, and Bennett loses all hope that he will ever win the spirited woman who has become an integral part of the new life he is building for himself.

Whew! Maybe I should take up writing for soaps, you think?

Michael's Quest

The only woman he'd met who wasn't interested in his wealth and status... unfortunately, she didn't seem to want any part of him, either!


He hadn't even known her name.  Twelve years later they meet again, with the threat of war once more hanging over their heads.  This time, he wouldn't let her go.

A spin-off of Sons of the Desert, taking place in about the same time period as Castles in the Sand.  Blinded in a car accident in childhood, Jesse is haunted by an unpredictable future.  When he discovers that the gentle Lisa whom he has loved for years returns his love in full measure, he rushes her into marriage.  Lisa, however, has her own nightmare, one that threatens not only their happiness together, but their lives as well.  In agony, she believes she must leave Jesse in order to safeguard him.  Calling on his close friendship with Khalid, the two men devise a plan to deal with the threat, and to convince Lisa of her safety.  When Khalid's beloved Sarah is attacked, however, Khalid's pain touches Jesse, who realizes he has to come to terms with his own worst fear.

Another spin-off of Sons of the Desert, that takes place in Khobeira, a fictitious middle eastern country.   Erin saves the life of the handsome, fascinating Jaleel, unaware that he is Khobeira's ruling prince.  Jaleel is equally unaware of her own identity; she is the daughter of the American-born terrorist who sought to bring down his regime, and for whose death Jaleel was inadvertently responsible.  Finding each other finally despite all this, Jaleel and Erin then are faced with the need to walk carefully through the dangerous maze of two deadly opponents: the terrorist organization determined to bring Khobeira to anarchy, and a wildly fanatical loyalist faction within Jaleel's own government who will do ...anything... to keep him in power... With Jaleel's approval, or without it.

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Wishes & Dreams

My "magical" collection:
A mischievous genie... A brooding spellbound mage...
A dark, powerful Jinn... An imperious feline shapeshifter

  • Wishes in a Bottle
  • A Gift of Jacinth
  • A Cat For Troy
  • Shadow & Light
  • Sharing the Flame
  • The Dragon Prince

I've been having fun creating my book covers myself (in case I wind up epublishing),
using SecondLife avatars! Fun! Here's the first one, for Wishes in a Bottle

Damien is a spell-bound Jinn, entrapped for hundreds of years in the very magic he summoned.  Destined to serve those who hold the ornate glass vial, he yearns to find that one person who can set him free.

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Douglas McCandliss considers himself an ordinary kind of guy. His biggest problem is that his alcoholic ex-wife kidnapped their two young children and disappeared, and Douglas has been trying to find them for the last two years. When a young woman appears in his living room and announces she’s a genie, come to grant him three wishes, he thinks she’s escaped from the funny farm. In no time at all she reunites him with his children, and then proceeds to join them in turning Douglas’ well-ordered life upside down. What with the ebullient Jacinth’s beyond-beautiful mother popping in and out, followed by her retinue of languishing suitors, sundry visits from a supercilious shapeshifting cat, and a disapproving guardian genie, and Douglas’ ex-wife trying to kidnap the children again, Douglas soon begins to wonder if he’s the one that needs to be in the funny farm!

Jacinth has absolutely no intention of falling in love with a mortal. Having watched her mother grieve for a millenia over the human man that she loved, Jacinth refuses to repeat her mother's mistake and spend an eternity in mourning. Why should she love a mortal anyway, when there were so many handsome Jinn  to choose from? Of course, she hasn't yet found one she could love, but she's only 900 years old, she just needs more time to run into the right immortal. When she agrees to stay awhile with Douglas to help him with his children, she certainly doesn’t foresee falling in love... even if her heart does go pitta-pat when he smiles at her. Because there is no way she’ll allow herself to love a human. Ever.

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Meet Troy's new roommate, Cat.

She was loving... sweet... inquisitive...
demanding... distressingly independent...
even occasionally bad-tempered.
But he loved her anyway. After all, she was just a cat...


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To save themselves, her people sentenced her to certain death

Psychically gifted and mature beyond his years, duty to his people, his world had always come first for Rom.  Then one day, on a distant planet, on a dangerous and far from routine patrol, he found the girl.  And suddenly things weren't so simple anymore

And last but not least, my newest creation, and the second "Book of My Heart" along with "Swan Song"

To Scott:  You were always my inspiration, my one true hero.
Although you never knew, it's because of you that I understand what real love can be
"Think of me, think of me waking silent and resigned.
Imagine me trying too hard to put you from my mind.
....There will never be a day when I don't think of you."

--Christine, "Think of Me,"  Phantom of the Opera

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